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Insurance Resource for Medicare Beneficiaries

A guide to Medicare resources in Texas, compiled by the Texas Department of Insurance. Includes information about prescription drug coverage, Medicare fraud, Medicare Advantage, and other counseling information.

Medicare & You Handbook 2010 (PDF)

The official U.S. government Medicare consumer handbook.

Medicare Advantage and Health Reform: What Does It Mean for You? (pdf)

A look at the Affordable Care Act’s implications for Medicare, including the intent and impact of provisions to reduce overpayments to private carriers that contract with the federal government to offer Medicare Advantage plans. The document also looks at Medicare Advantage enrollees and prospective enrollees and how they’ll be affected by reform’s provisions.

Medicare Advantage plans in Washington state by county for 2011

Medicare Advantage plans in Washington state, searchable by county for 2011

Medicare Advantage plans in Washington state by county for 2012

Medicare Advantage plans in Washington state, searchable by county for 2012.

Medicare Advantage plans in Wisconsin

Options under Medicare Advantage plans in Wisconsin, including Medicare Advantage prescription plans; where to go for help, and complain form.

Medicare Advantage Resource Page (Texas Department of Insurance)

The Texas Department of Insurance guide to Medicare Advantage in Texas, including information about beneficiary rights and consumer tips.

Medicare Part D and C

Help with Medicare Part D, prescriptions and the low-income subsidy.

Medicare Resource Center

Hundreds of answers in one convenient place. A comprehensive guide to Medicare health insurance, a Medicare glossary and links to all the other best Medicare sites on the Internet. is the U.S. government’s compendium of Medicare-related information, including up-to-date information about Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medigap, Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and beyond.

Medigap Helpline/SHIP

The Medigap Helpline is a free counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries, answering beneficiary questions. The site also offers information about Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D), Medicare supplemental insurance, and other heath insurance information.

SHIP: Medicare Advantage Plans

Descriptions of the various types of Medicare Advantage plans available in Arizona.


Shopper’s Guide for Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

This section of the Alabama Department of Insurance Web site provides information about Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) and long-term care insurance for Alabama’s senior citizens. The site includes a list of plan providers and plan details.

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