Would you support a proposal to lower the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60?

Would you support a proposal to lower the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60?

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Proposals to expand Medicare eligibility – and allow younger Americans to access the popular safety net – have been discussed for years. This fall, the idea’s getting even more discussion during election season.

For many, a lowered eligibility age seems like a “no brainer” – an opportunity to dramatically expand access to a widely popular program. It’s been estimated that lowering eligibility to those between age 60 and 64 could move as many as 23 million Americans into the program.

Many other Americans don’t share that enthusiasm – fearing that such a sweeping policy change would have sweeping consequences that could affect the solvency of the program and impact benefits for current beneficiaries.

Tell us what you think about about a proposal that would lower Medicare’s age of eligibility to 60 by answering this survey. We also welcome you to leave your comments below.

Disclaimer: Our Medicare Surveys series is a tool that allows us to "take the temperature" of our audience. The questions and the results are not intended to be scientific. Rather, we hope to use the information to get a sense of our reader's experiences with Medicare program and their attitudes toward the program and its coverage.

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