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Medicare summary notice (MSN)

What is a Medicare summary notice?

What is a Medicare summary notice (MSN)?

As a Medicare beneficiary, you will receive a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) if you receive a Medicare-covered service. The MSNs will be mailed to you every three months and will detail the services and supplies you received, how much Medicare will pay, and how much you need to pay the provider. The MSN is not a bill.

If you don’t believe your MSN is correct, or if payment is being denied, you should call your provider/physician first to be sure they submitted the right information. If you decide to appeal, you need to do it within 120 days of the day you receive the MSN. Appeal information will be listed on the MSN.

You can also read Your Medicare Rights and Protections online or call 1-800-MEDICARE to have a copy mailed to you.

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