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Throughout the recent health care debate, Americans heard that health reform could weaken or even wipe out Medicare. Now, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, experts say the reforms will likely strengthen Medicare and extend its life to 2029. That's good news, considering that millions of Americans now pay into Medicare through payroll taxes and are anxiously waiting to become eligible for its benefits.

understanding the options is critical

Even if Medicare isn't in your immediate future, learning about its coverage options should be a top priority. With a growing Silver Sneakers population, it's likely you'll end up helping a friend or family member navigate Medicare's confusing maze of coverage options.

The Medicare Resource Center is your guide through that maze, featuring an extensive collection of resources:

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Medicare Advantage disenrollment

Don't like your Part C plan? How you can switch (now)

Medicare-Advantage-disenrollWhile more people are choosing Medicare Advantage plans, not all are pleased with their choices. A 2012 study by The Commonwealth Fund reported that 15 percent of Medicare Advantage enrollees rated their insurance fair or poor, as compared to six percent of beneficiaries enrolled in traditional Medicare. More...