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How much do you pay each month for Medicare premiums?

How much do you pay each month for Medicare premiums (including Part B and any additional coverage)?

Polling will conclude at 8:00 pm, March 1, 2021. Each site visitor is allowed to vote one time. (Users are not able to retake a survey after voting.)
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More than 63 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare. And although the program is run by the federal government and follows uniform rules nationwide (plus some state-specific rules for Medigap plans), the amount that people pay each month for their coverage is a bit like airline seating prices … meaning that you might be paying a lot more (or a lot less) than your neighbor.

Medicare Part A is premium-free for most enrollees, while Medicare Part B has a premium for everyone. But some beneficiaries with limited financial resources are eligible for Medicare Savings Programs that help to cover the cost of Part B, and some Medicare Advantage plans offer “giveback” rebates that cover a portion of the enrollee’s Part B premium.

Medigap plans vary in price based on the plan level, the insurer, and the state. Part D prescription drug plans have a monthly premium if purchased on their own, although the Extra Help program will cover some or all of this cost for eligible enrollees. And some Medicare Advantage plans have no premium at all (other than the cost of Part B), even though they include Part D coverage.

Some Medicare beneficiaries don’t have to buy Medicare-specific supplemental coverage, because they have a plan from a current or former employer. But the premiums for these plans also vary considerably.

Premiums you might be paying

In this edition of our Medicare survey, we’re curious to find out how much our readers are paying in premiums each month. When you answer the question, remember that premiums include:

  • Part B premiums – For most enrollees, this amount is automatically deducted from Social Security checks each month.
  • Part A premiums if applicable
  • Premiums for any other coverage you might have – including Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, or an employer-sponsored plan.

If you’re eligible for Extra Help, a Medicare Savings Program, or a Medicare Advantage giveback rebate, that program will reduce the total amount you’re paying. But if your income is high enough to make you subject to an IRMAA, you’re paying an extra surcharge on your Part D and Part B coverage.

Either way, we’d love to get a sense of how much our readers are spending each month in total premiums.

We hope you’ll take a few seconds to pick the answer that best represents the amount you pay each month. And if you have additional feedback or thoughts, please include them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Our Medicare Surveys series is a tool that allows us to "take the temperature" of our audience. The questions and the results are not intended to be scientific. Rather, we hope to use the information to get a sense of our reader's experiences with the Medicare program and their attitudes toward the program and its coverage.

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