Will my Medicare coverage follow me if I move out of the state?

  • February 27, 2018

Q: Will my Medicare coverage follow me if I move out of the state?

A: If you’re enrolled in Original Medicare, yes. But Medicare AdvantagePart D (prescriptions) and some supplemental insurance plans (Medigap) can be state-specific.

Check with your insurance provider before moving to make sure your insurance is transferable and will be accepted by doctors and hospitals in your new state of residence.  If your plan won’t cover you in your new area, you’ll have access to a special enrollment period where you can select new coverage.

If you have Original Medicare plus a Medigap plan, you’ll likely be able to keep your Medigap plan in your new state, as most Medigap plans do not have specific provider networks — they just cover excess costs incurred under Original Medicare, which has participating providers all across the country. But if your Medigap coverage is with a Medicare SELECT plan, it has a localized provider network that you’re required to use, and thus will no longer be suitable if you’re moving out of state. In that case, you can choose to either purchase a regular Medigap plan from your current insurer (with benefits that are no more robust than your current SELECT plan), or you can use your special enrollment period (triggered by your move) to purchase any Medigap plan A, B, C, F, K, or L, to cover you in your new area.